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helpful info and suggestions

hey everyone....
i realise most people in this community are most likely from san mateo or marin counties probably with a few exceptions.....but my bro and i are considering relocating to central coast (like monterey, santa cruz or san benito counties) as far east as sacramento county.
just wondering, we have some idea what the price range of housing is like in some areas, but does anyone here have any ideas where to start looking for affordable housing up there?
in general, i know bay area, san jose, monterey are pretty much outta the question as far as what we can afford (we want to sell our house here and buy one up there)....but we don't know anyone up there to ask or help us start looking....any ideas or suggestions?
my best friend is moving to monterey but so far cannot find affordable places to rent anywhere nearby.....anybody here know anything within like an hour of monterey that is affordable as far as renting?
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santa cruz was pretty expensive last time i checked. 700 bucks just to rent a room.