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San Francisco Expatriates Living In Los Angeles

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You used to live in San Francisco, the most beautiful city in the world.

You miss the rolling hills, the soothing fog, the slanted streets, the diverse people, the hip neighborhoods, the eclectic architecture, the awesome public transit, the pockets of communities everywhere you went.

You miss the Mission, the Castro, the Haight, the TL, Noe Valley, Cole Valley, Hayes Valley, Portola Valley, Russian Hill, Nob Hill, the Sunset, the Marina, SOMA, Pacific Heights, Bay View Hunter’s Point, the Richmond, the Financial District, Japantown, Chinatown, the Excelsior District, Twin Peaks, Diamond Heights, West Portal, North Beach.

You came to know the homeless people, the side-street cafes, the underground music scene, the huge theater community, the multitude of restaurants, the used bookstores, the used record stores, the health food stores, the hidden alleyways, the edgy filmmakers, the progressive college students, the partying ravers, the proud queers, the loud protesters, the aggressive bicyclists, the political activists, the leather community, the skate punks, and your everyday drag queens.

You are a San Franciscan. It’s in your blood. It’s in your soul.

But, alas, circumstances have brought you to Southern California, specifically the Los Angeles area. You've been experiencing culture shock. You’ve been feeling a bit disconnected. You’re a tad homesick. But right now, you’re stuck, toughing it out in the City of Angels. You’re trying to like it. You’re making new friends. You’re getting out of the house. You’re making connections. You’re seeing the sights. And, by God, you’re driving a car. A car!

You might be some kind of artist, attempting to make it big. You might not be an artist, but you were brought here for a job or for school or for family or for some other random reason. No matter. You’re here. You against the Big City. But don’t forget. You’re not alone. There are others like you. Some of them are members of this LiveJournal Community. We share our hopes, our fears, our failures, our triumphs. We meet, we greet, we connect. We reminisce. We honor our roots.

You’re going to make it. After all, you’re from San Francisco. And San Franciscans can do anything.

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