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Hi there.. intro post

hi! I see the community isn't too active but thought I'd join anyway.. My husband & I have moved down from Berkeley a couple years ago this Month (in fact our annual rental increase goes into effect on wednesday! oh boy!) well, we moved down to SoCal because of his work. We have friends down here so you'd think I'd be ok. You'd think my hubby would miss home more than me. After all he's the one born in SF and raised in the Bay Area, Cal Grad and keeper of the Golden Bears spirit (him and a ton of other alum) I was ok with the move.. I really thought we'd be going back home more often.. but alas no. I haven't been up there since our anniversary last year.. and that because of hubby's job. so it's just luck that I stumbled across this community. We currently are in Anaheim, but will probably be in LA county before long. I don't seem to have made any connection with Anaheim despite trying to work & live here. We may be moving sometime this year closer to LA though, which I hope might make up for a few of the things I miss about home.. favorite family cafes, mom & pop eateries we'd have sunday brunch together at, being able to take public transit to get almost anywhere.. MUNI, BART, AC transit even was pretty on time compared to OCTA.. being able to walk to work if I had to .. or anywhere for that matter. I even miss being a college football widow! I miss having options.

It may be a long while before we move back to the Bay area and get back to being season ticket holders with hubby's friends at Pac Bell (it will always be Pac Bell Park for me regardless of who the sponser is) I miss a lot of stuff but it comes down to just missing everything. If it wasn't for the friends we do have down here, I really might be miserable.
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