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it's been real and it's been fun.....

...but it aint been real fun.
well, life is funny sometimes.
a lotta lj communities have kinda been waning or just going the way of the dodo lately (at least the ones i belong to for some reason, some just have some kinda lameness factor).
anyway, i thought it was kind of a kool community, enough to make someone like me who is not really from SF living in LA join this club. (from seattle living in riverside and LA).
but hey, i guess on some level it fits me since i've alreadybeen conveniently labeled a 'wannabe' anywayz, so i guess joing this group proves

anyway, i appreciate the cyber camaraderie whatever there was in here.....but personally, it didn't really make me any connexions (or decent comments to the few posts i ever made....)
no, this isn't bitterness, trust me, i can do bitter.
but it's time to move on and wish y'all the best.....
'sides, i'm leaving LA soon, and tentatively moving back up north anywayz so.....have fun one and all and enjoy hollyweird and la-la land.......the city of 'angels' or whatever works for ya.
take it easy everyone.
one love- :-)
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